See Who 2012 Political Donors Support Today
This interactive chart let's you follow the political money from 2012 donors who have giving to candidates in 2016
Published October 23, 2015

A TIME analysis of Federal Election Commission records indicates that, while donors to Barack Obama in 2012 have largely transferred their support to Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney’s donors are divided in their support of the 2016 hopefuls.

While those donors favor Jeb Bush, having given the former Florida governor more than $5.4 million since through Sept. 30, they are also giving Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson significant financial support.

Perhaps most surprising, more Romney money has flowed into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s coffers (more than $640,000 so far) than has been given to Republicans Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie. Meanwhile Jeb Bush has collected nearly $125,000 so far from 2012 donors to Obama.

The chart above gives the clearest view of where party donors of old are placing their newest bets. While Obama donors overwhelmingly favor Hillary Clinton (no surprise), Newt Gingrich donors are giving the most to Ted Cruz this time around. Rick Perry bowed out of the 2016 race in September. During the 2016 cycle, his 2012 supporters gave more to fellow Texan Ted Cruz than they did to Perry himself.

The money above represents that given to the campaign committees of candidates for president. It excludes money giving to political action committees and so-called super PACs, which are legally separate from the campaigns, but increasingly count for a vast proportion of campaign spending. Campaigns are only required to disclose donations of $200 or more, so small donors to 2012 candidates are not represented in these figures.

With open fields in both parties, donations to candidates in 2011 far outpaces the equivalent period from four years ago. Donors have shelled out $166,000,000 to presidential campaign committees so far this cycle, compared to $106,000,000 during the equivalent period in the previous cycle.